And The 72 Virgins Weren't Saving

Themselves For You Either


He belives Heaven

is anything you want

you can do anything you ever wanted to

by gaining admittance


I mean

suppose you always wanted

to break All the commandments


But you didn't


you wanted to get to Heaven


So now you're floating on a cloud

and you see a guy you know

and hated


I mean he stole your job

                       your wife

                       your kids

                       your life



you shoot him

with the gun that magically

maybe even miraculously appeared in your hand



you always wanted to give him one

right in the head


Even assuming

he was the biggest A-hole

in the world he somehow got to Heaven

and I can't imagine

even for a minute

that his dream scenario

was catching one

right between the baby blues

from a bum like you

who couldn't even hold on to a job